Dell G7 Laptop PCH cooling mod

  • Hey everyone! I've been working on computers for around 20 years, but I'm just getting into mods and such. I own a gaming laptop, the Dell G7 7588 to be precise, and this stupid thing can't keep itself cool for anything. When it overheats, it throttles to like 10w P L1 and the clock goes to 799mhz. This happens frequently when playing pretty much any game later than 2010. I've done everything possible to mitigate this, undervolting, limiting the turbo boost ratio, changing the TIM, and I've even replaced the cooler. I FINALLY got the temps under control, it's maxing out at 85 C on the CPU and 79 C o the GPU, however the stupid thing is still thermal throttling. After a lot of research, I found out the PCH is overheating, a fact that Dell likes to hide by not often allowing you to actually view the PCH temps in HWINFO64.