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    Hej med dig,

    I går blev slået med tanken om at lave et skub+træk med mit NZXT H710 etui.

    Min AIO er Kraken X72.

    Ting så ud til at se godt ud (i mit hoved), men så huskede jeg, at min GPU er 327 mm (MSI 2080Ti Gaming Trio). vshare

    Så jeg begyndte at tvivle på to spørgsmål og håbede på at få nogle svar her:

    Vil det faktisk passe. Pladsen mellem GPU' en og de 2 blæsersæt (standard -tilfælde og kraken) ser ud til at være ret lille.

    So the exact RAM is G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-4000 C18 QC - 32GB (F4-4000C18Q-32GTZR).

    I've tried to learn more about RAM overclocking and how to think in terms of timings but it still eludes me and I feel like I'm getting poorer results than what these can produce due to my own lack of understanding rather than the product itself.

    I've got them running at 3800 MHz 16-16-16-34 atm and it runs fine at 1.35v but everything else is just automatically done by the motherboard, a Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite. The grueling process of changing timings and not booting and going back with no idea if I'm even in the right frame of thinking makes it feel like I'm shooting blindly to find a setting that works better rather than a progression over time towards the best possible settings for the 1900FCLK.

    I've tried to use the MemTestHelper/DDR4 OC Guide at GitHub but even that takes a ton of time to set up.

    I know the motherboard might play into why I can't get good results but I have no idea what is really the problem. Since these can do 1.5v for 24/7 (at least theoretically) shouldn't that give me more headroom to improve the performance?

    Please help, I want these sticks to work optimally and any help in how i should approach this would be great to just save as much time as possible. Also, I just really want to learn this aspect of overclocking better so I'm better at it for the next time around.

    Good day!

    I have never really dived into the RAM-OC topic. So far I have always cared about CPU / GPU OC. Since I recently put together a new system (mainly for work in after effects / photoshop with extreme resolutions) I am now trying to get the maximum out of the pc. router login

    About my specifications:

    Mainboard Asrock X 570 Taichi (should be a board with t-topology as far as i know, current LLC-level: 2)

    CPU AMD 5900X (PBO deactivated, OC profile after more than 81% load: 1390mV VID, CCX1 4800MHz, CCX2 4650MHz, vdroop usually about 2-3%, maximum 85°C but could drop it to 80 with a better watercooling-loop)

    PSU EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 GT (1k W)

    GPU rtx3090 (I think it doesn't matter with 1000 watt power supply, right?)

    Hey everyone! I've been working on computers for around 20 years, but I'm just getting into mods and such. I own a gaming laptop, the Dell G7 7588 to be precise, and this stupid thing can't keep itself cool for anything. When it overheats, it throttles to like 10w P L1 and the clock goes to 799mhz. This happens frequently when playing pretty much any game later than 2010. I've done everything possible to mitigate this, undervolting, limiting the turbo boost ratio, changing the TIM, and I've even replaced the cooler. I FINALLY got the temps under control, it's maxing out at 85 C on the CPU and 79 C o the GPU, however the stupid thing is still thermal throttling. After a lot of research, I found out the PCH is overheating, a fact that Dell likes to hide by not often allowing you to actually view the PCH temps in HWINFO64.

    Jeg vil gerne komme ind i kryptominedrift, men har ikke en pc (kun Mac) - Jeg vil gerne hente en til dette formål, men er ikke sikker på, hvordan man vælger en med en anstændig nok GPU til at komme i gang. Måske en gaming pc? Jeg ønsker ikke at lancere en fuldskala minedrift og ville hente noget specialiseret udstyr, når jeg får lidt mere erfaring med det hele, så jeg leder bare efter noget rimeligt prissat, i stand til at køre minedriftssoftwaren og måske endda knække en hash i ny og næ.


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