Monitors til laptop uden displayport - kan jeg bruge displayport => hdmi-kabel??

  • Hello

    I need to have my laptop hooked up to my son's computer screens so I can use them to work from home.

    He has screen # 1 that only has an hdmi port and screen # 2 that has both an hdmi port and a display port (the one that looks a bit like a skewed hdmi.

    However, my laptop only has a regular hdmi port.omegle xender

    The question for you wise heads is then whether it should work if I:

    1) Connect the two monitors together with hdmi => hdmi cable.

    2) Also, get it here and pull it from monitor # 2's display port to the laptop's hdmi port.

    I hope you can give a hint if you think it will work or not.

    The idea is that I should be able to close my laptop and just use the two external monitors together with my wireless keyboard and mouse - a bit like throwing the laptop in a docking station