Problemer med opsætning af ekstra covr c1202?

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    I have encountered a "small" challenge - I have a mesh setup with D-Link covr c1202 I want to expand this network with 2 extra units as I do not have proper coverage in the takeover, so have invested in 2 more covr points, here starts my challenges then, I have made one work (after a lot of effort and effort) but no. 2 covr points in the expansion pack I simply can not make it work, I have done both as stated in the manual and tried one guide from D-Link on the web without success - the closest I come is something that works is to get it "on" that is, it sounds constantly white - as it says in the manual it should when it is connected - but it is not a part of the rest of the mesh network, it gets the same Ssid but does not inherit the code for the network, so if I go on it I have to use the ssid code which is under the covr point itself,that is, the unique code of this device and it is not part of the rest of the mesh network.omegle xender

    Hope the above makes sense and any of you have experience with D-Link covr and have tried to expand an existing mesh network with additional share points, and thereby have a read I can try.