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SpeedFan can access digital sensors available on your pc. By acessing available hardware monitor chips, SpeedFan can show temperatures, voltages and fan speeds. SpeedFan can show S.M.A.R.T. data from almost evey hard disk too. Temperature sensors from almost every manufacturer are automatically detected and accessed. Usually, the only action you need to take is to rename the readings that SpeedFan found. If your hardware allows it and you properly configured SpeedFan, you can change fan speeds depending on system temperatures, thus reducing overall noise.

- added support for hard disks through CSMI (Intel Matrix RAID and Intel Rapid Storage, for example)
- added support for Intel 7 Series SMBus
- added full support for NCT6779D
- added full support for Fintek F71808A
- fixed temperature reading for Intel Ivy Bridge
- fixed ATK0110 support on several motherboards
- switched to the new HddStatus service (it works on Unix/Linux too now)
- ARECA RAID support is not longer probed on Windows 2K
- limited DELL Studio 1558 support to the PWM alone for system stability
- added support for Seagate FreeAgentDesktop and FreeAgent USB enclosures
- added /NOINTELQST command line parameter
- TDELLSensor now handles resume from suspend

Download: http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php

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