128GB DDR4-3200 (4x32GB) able to run at 3600?

  • Good day!

    I have never really dived into the RAM-OC topic. So far I have always cared about CPU / GPU OC. Since I recently put together a new system (mainly for work in after effects / photoshop with extreme resolutions) I am now trying to get the maximum out of the pc. router login

    About my specifications:

    Mainboard Asrock X 570 Taichi (should be a board with t-topology as far as i know, current LLC-level: 2)

    CPU AMD 5900X (PBO deactivated, OC profile after more than 81% load: 1390mV VID, CCX1 4800MHz, CCX2 4650MHz, vdroop usually about 2-3%, maximum 85°C but could drop it to 80 with a better watercooling-loop)

    PSU EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 GT (1k W)

    GPU rtx3090 (I think it doesn't matter with 1000 watt power supply, right?)