S: 32GB iPod Color FLAC udgave!

  • Er ved at saelge min helt specielle iPod Color paa eBay og taenkte nogen herfra Tweak maaske var interesserede?
    Jeg kopiere fra min engelske annonce:

    I am selling my iPod Photo Special Edition!

    What is so special about that?

    * It's upgraded from 20GB spinning drive to 32GB Verbatim CF Card
    * It have a brand new battery
    * Brand new red Click Wheel
    * Black front as seen on the U2 iPods
    * Custom painted and lacquered black rear with silver stripe down one side
    * Installed with RockBox software to utilize the onboard Wolfson WM8971 DAC and play up to 24bit 192KHz FLAC!
    * RockBox skinned in black/white to maximize battery life
    * Comes with original Apple USB cord and Apple Wired remote (VERY rare!)

    Ok, how do it look?

    Here you go:

    [Blocked Image: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8283/7605219736_52469d48b3.jpg]