05.05.2013, 11:41

Futuremark er kommet med en ny version af deres 3DMark test program til Google Android. Det er 3DMark Android Edition 1.0.2-1109, der har support for nye mobile chipset, forbedret Ice Storm Extreme test samt en stribe nye optimeringer og forbedringer.

- Added chipset model to device detail pages.

- Ice Storm Extreme Physics test for measuring CPU performance now runs at 720p to ensure the result is not influenced by the GPU. Ice Storm Extreme scores may improve slightly on devices with low-end GPUs.

- Faster image loading in the Device Channel.
- Better score bar scaling in search result lists.
- Reduced app size to 149 MB.

- Automatically skip demo on devices with TI OMAP 44xx chipset to avoid a memory-related crash. There will be some visual corruption during the Physics test however this does not affect the score and you will now be able to complete all the tests on these devices.
- Automatically skip demo if the device runs out of memory during the demo, typically on devices with 512 MB of memory. The recommended minimum device memory for 3DMark is 1 GB (1024 MB).

- Fixed a bug that prevented your best score being shown as your Highest Score.
- My Device now shows the Android OS version installed on the current device. Device Channel detail pages show the Android OS version shipped with the model.

Link: Download 3DMark Android Edition 1.0.2-1109


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