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17.11.2014, 23:41

srv01.surenet.eu:25571 er nu klar til at blive spillet på :-D


18.11.2014, 08:59

Alle server med kun død spiller bliver reset kl 0930


19.11.2014, 14:08

Alle server som kun havde døde spiller på er nu reset og husk man kan upload sine Screenshots her på forum.

Husk invite dine venner, hver server er sat til 99 spiller og 10 er tændt for men der mange flere klar hvis der bliver brug for det.

Plus husk 1€ pr spiller som skriver sig op her i extra gaver.


21.11.2014, 09:28

Alle serve bliver 0 stillet når MADPACK 2 Version 6 kommer idag.

Her det som bliver lavet om Version 5 som er live på server pt

Beta 5 Changelog:

Updated forge-1.7.10- and tons of library files
Updated Artifacts-1.0.6
- Fix Piston Crash
- New Belt Artifacts
Updated Chisel-
- Added Auto Chisel
- New Chisel Blocks
- Code refractor
- Code cleanup overall
Updated LycanitesMobsComplete [1.7.10]
- New Weapon Added: Cinderfall Sword, Venom Axeblade
- Bug Fix: Mobs added to custom spawners should now all spawn (only the first and last entries were being randomly chosen hence some events don't have all of their mobs and some mobs such as the Skylus or Ika weren't spawning).
- Bug Fix: Armor Piercing still wasn't completely working, it should definitely be fixed now. I have tested it on numerous modded armor and it seems to work however some modded armor applies a constantly health regeneration which unfortunately cannot be stopped without drastic action.
- Bug Fix: Dying or teleporting when being picked up by a mob such as a Roc or feared should no longer glitch things out. Additionally players and mobs can now be picked up and taken out of vehicles such as boats but cannot be affected when on a mount or when mounted by another entity.
- Bug Fix: The Subspecies Tags config setting should now hide the tags of rare mobs correctly. Rare mobs that were spawned before this fix will always show their name tags still as it is saved to their NBT entries but newly spawned subpsecies will now show or hide their tags based on this setting correctly.
- Bug Fix: Vespids with a hive and a Queen should now despawn correctly on Peaceful Difficulty.
- Bug Fix: Inferno Mobs such as Cinder should never take any damage from Fire damage types. While they were already immune to being set on fire, damage that was treated as fire damage would still damage them.
- Bug Fix: Kobolds will no longer steal torches if the "mobGreifing" gamerule is false.
- Bug Fix: Pets, Minions, etc will no longer harm their owners with ranged attacks (unless Friendly Fire is turned off via the config).
- Major Bug Fix: Zephyr minions should no longer cause a crash on servers.
- Major Bug Fix: Grues should no longer cause a crash on servers.
- Improvement: Lowered the Demon Mob spawn weights from the likes of 100 to 8 to match other mobs, however if any mob is added to the Nether (Hell) Biome, their weight will be multiplied by 10, this is because vanilla Nether mobs such as the Zombie Pigmen have a weight of 100, I'm not sure why this is but this is a cool work around to keep the Demon Mobs balanced when used in Events and when set to spawn.
- Improvement: Minions spawned from the new minion swords will now spawn behind and to the side of the player instead of on the player.
- Improvement: Pet/Minion Inventories can now only be opened by sneak right clicking or with an open hand.
- Improvement: Veswax and Propolis (Vespid Hive Blocks) will now slowly disappear in a similar way to vanilla leaves blocks when there is no Vespid Queen nearby, this means that once the Queen is killed, the hive will slowly break apart. Player placed hive blocks will not do this much like how player placed leaves blocks don't despawn when there are no logs around.
- Improvement: Geonach now have a large spawn destruction radius!
- Improvement: Revised the item damage modifier code for mobs such as Geonachs (weak to pickaxes) and Spriggans (weak to axe). Any item that is effective at mining a block similar to the mob such as stone for a Geonach or wood for a Spriggan will now deal additional damage to the mob. Before the code searched specifically for vanilla items or items with pickaxe, axe, etc in their name which wasn't the best way of implementing this.
- Improvement: Added a dedicated SKY custom spawn type. Many mobs that randomly spawn and can fly such as Roc, Raiko, Remobra, Manticore, Spriggans, etc should now use this instead of the vanilla MONSTER spawn type, this will allow them to spawn randomly in the air with 48 blocks above or below players this will also mean that areas really high in the sky should be populated with mobs.
- Improvement: Jengu no longer sound like toilets! They have a completely new set of sounds!
- Improvement: The advanced buff foods can now be found as random chest loot in dungeons, etc.
- Improvement: Added random loot to Village Blacksmith Chests.
- Many bug fixes
- New Blocks Added: Propolis and Veswax, these are hive blocks and are built by Vespid around their Queen!
- New Mob Event Added: The Swarm
- New Jungle Mobs Added: Vespid and Vespid Queen
Conba can be infected by Vespid where they will become mindless walking nests and will melee attack instead of throwing poop, on death the baby Vespid instead will burst out!
- Improvement: Grue no longer drain health when attacking all the time, instead if their target has any beneficial effects applied to them, the Grue will consume a random one of those and then drain health.
- Major Bug Fix: Fixed an unlikely but still very possible crash with the SKY spawn type.
- Major Bug Fix: Concapede Segments have been optimized, this will hopefully stop some major lag issues as they swarm out of control! Segments not attached to a head will now despawn naturally, headless Segments can be fed any vegetable and will then grow immediately into a Head which will then start growing up to 10 Segments of its own over time.
- Bug Fix: The SKY spawn type and all events that use it should now be able to spawn mobs underground correctly!
- Bug Fix: Conba should now always throw poop instead of standing and doing nothing whilst getting hit! Infected Conba will melee instead.
Updated LunatriusCore-1.7.10-
- Bug fixes
Updated neiaddons-mc1710-
- bug fixes
Updated Factorization-1.7.10-
- Bug fixes
Updated HardcoreEnderExpansion MC-1.7.10 v1.6.4
- Biome Islands have Interactions, which are random events that make the islands more alive!
- Added Endium Ore, Ingot and Block!
- Added Homeland Endermen that spawn in Enchanted Island (Homeland), they are special!
- Added health regeneration and mob healing ability to Lice
- Added check for broken builds + config option (it is suggested to leave this option enabled)
- New ambient sounds in the Infested Forest (Deep)
- New notification system reports errors to the player/server operators
- Ravaged Brick hardness now depends on amount of spawners in the dungeon, mining is also quicker with Scorching Pickaxe
- Ender Dragon's crystal range now depends on difficulty and overpoweredMobs config option
- Meteoroid worldgen changed quite a bit, more changes will be done later
- Dragon Egg has been added to creative menu, and it teleports back to the portal when it gets destroyed
- Improved broken recipe handling and debugging
- Holding shift while using NEI on HEE items will not open the Compendium
- Lice would lose abilities after reloading the world
- Removing activated Charm Pouch from the inventory kept the effects active
- Discovering new object had no sound effect
- End structures should no longer regenerate when the world is reloaded midst generation
- Fixed Biome Compass crash
- Fixed Infestation file crash
- (Hopefully) fixed occasional island generation crash
Updated InfernalMobs-1.7.10-1.5.9
- ongoing efforts to fix other peoples mods for them ._.
- infernal mobs will now never apply potion effects to fakeplayer entities
- and neither will infernal mobs send packets to fake player entities
Updated SubMod-1.7.10-1.2.3
- Bug fixes
Updated InGameInfoXML-1.7.10-
- Bug fixes
Updated NotEnoughItems-1.7.10-
Updated OpenBlocks-1.7.10-1.3-snapshot-456
- Bug Fixes
Updated OpenModsLib-1.7.10-0.6-snapshot-233
- Bug Fixes
Updated resources-14.1 - Needed for Ruins
- Bug Fixes
Updated Ruins-1.7.10-14.1
+ consolidated template spawning: now no rule will call block updates before spawning is finished. might fix redstone/piston bugs
+ fixed oddness in /testruin always spawning one y too high (this is for all coordinate types!)
+ fixed Skull Blocks being broken, unfortunately this means the syntax changed
+ from Skull:skulltype:rotation[:playername]-meta to Skull:skulltype:rotation[:uuid-playername]-meta
+ i dont think you can find out uuid by yourself, so use the template parser to get player heads
+ changed /testruin syntax to /testruin TEMPLATENAME [X Y Z [ROTATION]] - it was: /testruin TEMPLATENAME [ROTATION X Y Z]
+ improved /testruin to accept relative coordinates aka "~x"
+ improved /testruin to work when used by command blocks
+ added server command documentation to readme
Updated SoulShardsReborn-rc2
- Code cleaning
- Should now use same configs as MadPack1
Updated TConstruct-1.7.10-1.7.1c
- Better IMC support for materials
- More Localization
- Flux modifier now needs at least battery capacity/1000 in durability to be applicable
- Compressed Cobblestone can only be melted up to 4x
- Smeltery Fuel consumption reworkjustmentfixes
- Don't die.
- New Hardcore Hearts
- Redstone on Gloves actually works now
- Fixes Crashes with crafting table
- fAOE-Tools not getting proper callbacks for each broken block
- Fix wings not repairing with moss
- Fix traveller gear not being repairable
- Fix goggle and belt toggling
- Emerald Smeltery values
- Combressed Cobble Smeltery values and derpage
- More crash fixes
- More smaller fixes
- Really fast AOE Tools should work properly now
- King Slime got his name back
- Noppes NPCs don't drop yellow hearts anymore
- Some Toolforges looking like PatternChests
- Materials without parts crashing NEI
- ExtraTic toolparts being present twice
- Some more crash and display fixes
Updated Opis-1.2.3_1.7.10
Updated MobiusCore-1.2.3_1.7.10

Updated both MadPack 2 Resourcepacks
- You may need to re-select them after updating
- New textures for TC hearts
- New music disk
- Much more changed text

IngameInfo now displays StatusEffects, Armor and much more. So these mods have been removed:
Removed UpdateCheckerMod
Removed bspkrsCore
Removed ArmorStatusHud
Removed StatusEffectHUD

Changed some recipe
Fixed EMC exploits
Fixed Witchery EMC exploit thanks to https://twitter.com/JarnoVaH
Changed some Quest and moved some
Fixed a EMC Exploit reported by @100in33
Made Artifacts more rare
Changed some Luckyblocks
Disabled Many Update notifications
Map should now by default be square
The pack should now have better Cauldron support for servers
Hungry spider have been disabled
Removed Eart Protection Poppet
Removed Water Protection Poppet
Removed Fire Protection Poppet
Removed Hunger Protection Poppet
Moved SubMod to a Optional Mod


21.11.2014, 19:53

har ikke flere server at spille på :oops:


21.11.2014, 21:18

Yo alllll

Så går der 11 server online med madpack 2 version 5,5.. Yeeeeeear :-D

Dette indlæg er blevet redigeret 1 gange, senest redigeret af "Darky2002" (21.11.2014, 21:25)


21.11.2014, 21:22

11 server så der kommet en ny se ip i starten af denne tråd


22.11.2014, 14:51

Når vi skriver en server er reset ske det jo kun når ALLE er død på server er bare 1 spiller i live så sker det jo ikke.

Alle 11 server er reset.


23.11.2014, 20:14

Ny regel alle server vil nu kræve White List så husk at skrive på denne tråd hvis du ønsker at være med.


26.11.2014, 20:06

shiwerra server: 567 score 434

shiwerra har vedhæftet følgende billeder:
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  • Skærmbillede (16).png


26.11.2014, 22:23

Minecraft navn: martiiin


27.11.2014, 23:39

martiiin og Quazaka i er add.

husk version 6 gå live i morgen


28.11.2014, 15:01

Beta 6 Changelog:

If updating to Beta 6, a new world IS required.

Updated extrautilities-1.2.0
- Added: Wooden Spikes - Spikes that will damage entities down to 1 heart but will not kill them.
- Added: Golden Spikes - Mobs killed by these spike will drop XP orbs
- Added: Diamond Spikes - Mobs killed by these spikes drop rare 'player-kill-only' drops
- Added: 'Kikoku' sword (WIP - no crafting recipe yet)
- Added: Golden Bags can now be dyed
- Changed: Removed MJ Support
- Changed: Generator buffer is now 100,000RF * multiplier
- Changed: Recipes that require specific enchants on tools will accept tools with the same or higher level of enchant and tools with extra enchants
- Changed: XP orbs are not dropped by the Ender Quarry breaking ore blocks
- Changed: Food generators are now progressively less effective on any modded foods better than the vanilla foods.
- Changed: Solar Generator cooldown is fixed and doesn't scale with generator multiplier
- Changed: Liquid/Item transfer nodes now respect filters when transfering via ender receptors
- Changed: Updated COFH API
- Fixed: Hyper-Energy Transfer nodes droping regular Energy Transfer nodes when broken
- Fixed: Night vision not working in the deep dark
- Fixed: Crash with item entities on conveyors
- Fixed: Crash with filters when a mod is removed
- Fixed: Bug that prevented MFR integration being registered
- Fixed: Bug with connected textures on FMP parts being rendered incorrectly
- Fixed: Crafted items not being dropped when the QED is broken

Updated ForgeMultipart-1.7.10-
- Should fix some crash bugs

Updated HardcoreEnderExpansion MC-1.7.10 v1.6.5
- Additions
- Void Chest that stores items you lost in the void!
- Persegrit, a new block featured in a new structure found inside the Enchanted Island biome!
- Read the Ender Compendium help again, there are some handy new features!
- New particle effects for Scorching Pickaxe, Death Flower, Homeland Endermen and fixed Temple Caller ones too
- Biome Compass now stores the last biome setting when you relog or throw it
- Config option to control amount of Endermen in the Overworld
- Changes
- Energy is now omnipresent in the End, many changes to it have been made, which means old Energy Clusters will disappear from your world
- Complete rewrite of Endstone Blobs, with more improvements to come in future updates
- Ender Guardian attacks and abilities have been redesigned
- Altar Nexus has a new texture
- Bugfixes
- Dragon Egg falling into the void now also teleports back to the portal
- Rewritten the Temple Caller to work better, also fixed the particle effect
- Finally made the Temple Caller change Dragon Lair generation
- Hopefully fixed Ender Dragon collision causing lag and console spam
- NEI integration should no longer crash under specific circumstances
- Many RNG uses had a bias towards negative coordinates
- Smooth text rendering in Ender Compendium has a second option, because of differences across GPU drivers
- Spooky Logs stopped ticking after switching places
- Enhanced Brewing Stands work again

Updated LycanitesMobsComplete [1.7.10]
- New Mountain Mob Added: Beholder
- New 'Super' Food Items Added: Battle Burrito and Explorers Risotto
- New Items Added: Arcane Laser Storm Scepter/Charge
- New Stat: Pierce, this stat is configurable like the other stats and affects how some attack damage ignores armor.
- Improvement: Melee attacks dealt to a Beholder will cause the beholder to eat a random buff (beneficial effect) from its attacker if possible. If successful the Beholder will be healed for 150% of the damage it took from the melee attack.
- Improvement: Cooked Arisaur Meat and Paleo Salad now also heals the player when consumed along with granting additional maximum health. (Previous only additional maximum health was granted, but the new hearts weren't filled).
- Improvement: All Food Meals (such as Devil Lasagna, Paleo Salad, Moss Pie, etc) can be be crafted back to the meat that was used to create them (all other ingredients cannot be salvaged, just the meat). This can be useful for reusing these foods to create the two new super foods.
- Improvement: Mobs spawned from World Events will despawn when a new event has started, this will now include mobs that have been in unloaded chunks whilst the events have switched, etc too.
- Improvements: Mobs spawned from events are given a 10 minute timer before they despawn, if they are unloaded, this timer wont tick however. The Timer can be configured on a per event basis too.
- Improvement: Greatly lowered the rate, chance and count of the Sky Spawn Type's defaults, this should greatly reduce the amount of flying mobs that are spawning. Note: Jengu use the Water Spawn Type so will be unaffected by this.
- Improvement: The Rock Spawn Type's (Geonach's) block breaking radius has been lowered and is now configurable.
- Improvements: New config options have been added to the lycanitesmobs-general.cfg config where you can now change the durations of the food effects, the foods are split into 4 classes: Raw, Cooked, Meal and Feast.
- Improvements: Revised the Overlay GUI code a bit, hopefully this might stop graphical glitches such as a white box around mob event logos, black boxes behind the summoning focus, etc.
- Improvement: The Spectral Bolts fired by Phantoms no longer place Shadowfire (which deals damage and causes blindness), instead the Fear effect is guaranteed.
- Improvement: Infected Conbas will now explode after a minute into a swarm of Vespids!
- Bug Fix: Fixed a ranged attack speed issue that has been around for a very long time making ranged mobs attack much faster than they should have been.
- Bug Fix: Arcane Laser Storms (the Beholder's attack) no longer apply the Wither effect on direct impact.
- Bug Fix: Piercing damage will no longer ignore the damage cooldown that entities have (the damage cooldown limits how many times an entity can be damaged per second). This should especially stop rapid fire mobs like Cinders from doing far too much damage!
- Bug Fix: Stat Boosts should now work in the ExtraBehaviour NBT system for other mods or NBT editors to use.
- Bug Fix: The effect durations of effects applied by projectiles were still not accurate, some were far to lower making the effect last for a second or less! This has now been fixed!
- Bug Fix: Vespid Queens should now respect their minion limit instead of spawning infinite minions! They were checking for other Vespid Queens instead of Vespids, oops!
- Bug Fix: projectiles will no longer collide with their throwers, this should stop large mobs from sometimes absorbing their own projectiles before it has a chance to be fired.
- Bug Fix: Mob Event announcement sounds should no longer be cut off as they are not set to stream woo!
- Bug Fix: Corrected some of the head scaling for recent mobs. You can get the heads for each mob in this mod using the Headcrumbs mod.
- Bug Fix: The Summoning Focus GUI (green eyes above the hunger bar) should now only ever show when a Summoning Staff is held.
- Bug Fix: Removed the incorrect "+1 Attack Damage" text from Scepters as it describes the melee damage but scepters are ranged.
- Bug Fix: While fear might still walk players into walls a bit, the player will no longer take damage from suffocation while feared. Note that the player might still get the damage sound and animation, but no damage will be actually dealt.

Updated magicalcrops-4.0.0_BETA_4
- Everything is new
- New armor with slots and much much more

Updated Both MadPack 2 Resource Packs
- New look for the Quest Book and much more

Updated MineTweaker3-1.7.10-3.0.9C
- Bug fixes

Added TooMuchRain-1.7.2-1.0.0-b5
- Changes so there is less rainstorms...

Changed some LuckyBlock
Changed some quest
Changed some different recipe
Silverfish cant be infernal anymore
Waila should now only show text of HP from monsters
Silverfish now wont get higher HP, the older the world is.
Made new recipe for some of the heads
Added some EMC to marble, limestone and salt
Fixed EMC exploits
Penguins will now fight back, HYPE!
Removed Special Silverfish (Vanilla ones is still there)

This is the release of MadPack 2 Beta.

Please report any bugs you find to:


28.11.2014, 20:52

shiwerra server 567 score 1129

shiwerra har vedhæftet følgende billede:
  • Skærmbillede (20).png


30.11.2014, 18:23

Alle server er 0 stillet og med version 6 på nu.

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