20.10.2012, 13:46

TGT BigBang works with all graphics cards based on an NVIDIA GTS 450 GPU or faster (Fermi/Kepler). TGT BigBang has been designed to also take particular advantage of NVIDIA’s latest GPU generation with Kepler-architecture. TGT BigBang supports up to 8 GPUs in a system.

In addition of setting the base clock and memory clock the user can increase the power target, survey the GPU temperature and monitor the fan speed.

To optimize the performance, one of the most striking features of Kepler GPUs (GTX 660 and upwards) is auto overclocking. TGT BigBang measures the actual clock continuously and calculates both, the actual average clock, the distribution of the various clocks, and the percentage of time running faster than boost clock. TGT BigBangTM also demonstrates that TGT’s LOW LEAKAGE SELECTION products run faster by means of auto overclocking. TGT BigBang also measures the clocks in the background (3D Mark 11).

And “Bright Boost” offers 6 different gamma curve settings to optimize the individual visual experience of games (Ctrl F12).

New feature:
TGT BigBang can be opened in multiple windows for perfect SLI control. Up to 8 GPUs can be controlled in parallel.

TGT BigBang can be launched with a command string to pre-set parameters including but not limited to clocks, power target, gamma curve, etc.

Download: https://shop.tgt-team.com/en/media/apps/bigbang.zip

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