11.12.2014, 16:11

Hello Tweak,

As many of you probably know we at Corsair makes a lot of different PC-cases. In 2009 we started with the Obsidian 800D that became very popular and now we have four different series of PC-cases, Obsidian, Graphite, Vengeance and Carbide.

I have seen many nice builds and modding projects with our cases here in the forum which is really nice to see since Im a modder myself and really loves that stuff.

Im posting this thread so we can discuss our cases. We at Corsair are very interested in your opinions and what you think about our products. So if you have any questions or feedback about our cases, feel free to post here. Ill answer as fast as I can.

Something I would love aswell is if you want to post pictures of your Corsair builds here. :)

With kind regards,
Corsair Johan

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