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08.04.2013, 16:19

Not that long ago now we took a look at the Kraken series and more specifically the X40. What we saw then is that the Kraken series of AIO coolers, while being a bit loud, now shares top honors amongst AIO coolers with the Swiftech H220. Considering the radiator is a bit smaller when we discuss surface area with the Kraken X40 compared to the H220, and that the H220 used two fans to obtain that level of efficiency, there is a lot going for the Kraken coolers. I know we could even improve on the X40 results by adding a pair of fans by at least a couple of degrees, and that takes results right on into the custom kit temperatures. I think the day has finally arrived where a closed loop AIO can really start to take on custom water kits, and with most of the old issues well in the past, there is no reason to shy away from these systems to cool your processor.

Link: TweakTown


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